The Validation of Global Satellite Precipitation
Online session
4 November 2020, 22:00 UTC (10:00 pm UTC)

When, where and why

When:Wednesday 4 November 2020, 22:00 UTC (10:00 pm UTC)
  • To provide an update to the IPWG community on ongoing satellite precipitation validation efforts.
  • To provide a forum of discussion to collect information on the future needs of the community for validating precipitation observations from space.


An introduction to the validation of satellite precipitation products
Chris Kidd (NASA GSFC, University of Maryland) (15 min)
Validation of Various Quantitative Precipitation Estimation Algorithms
Bathobile Maseko (South African Weather Service) (15 min)
Global Validation Activities on Satellite-based Precipitation Estimates
Daniel Vila (CPTEC) (15 min)
Using Local Verification of Satellite Products to Develop a Merged Near-real-time Rainfall Analysis Using GPM and NWP
Luigi Renzullo (Australian National University) (15 min)
Break (10 min)
Daily Validation over Korea
Jun Park (Korea Meteorological Administration) (15 min)
Regional Analysis Over Japan
Shoichi Shige (Kyoto University) (15 min)
WMO Space-based Weather and Climate Extremes Monitoring International Initiative and its Implementation in East Asia and Western Pacific
Toshiyuki Kurino (RMIT) and Yuriy Kuleshov (Bureau of Meteorology) (15 min)
Open discussion (10 min)

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