A joint project of the

World Climate Research Programme - Global Energy and Water Exchanges project

and of the

Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites - International Precipitation Working Group


The GEWEX Data Assessment Panels (GDAP) program is in the process of planning a round of new assessments. Following discussions from the IPWG-8/ISSWM-5 meeting in Bologna in 2016 and the GEWEX SSG meeting in February 2017, Rémy Roca (GDAP-Chair) took the initiative to start a community consultation on the possibility of conducting a Joint GEWEX-GDAP/CGMS- IPWG precipitation assessment that would start in 2018 and produce a completed assessment by 2021. As this initiative was met with enthusiasm from both communities, Dr. Roca and Ziad Haddad (IPWG co-chair) convened a scope-definition meeting right after the annual NASA Precipitation Measurement Missions (PMM) science team meeting in San Diego, on 21 October 2017.

Report #1, 30 Oct 2017